Scientific Computing in Social and Behavioral Sciences and Economics

Coordinator of the Research Area:
Prof. Dr. Joachim Funke

Several innovative projects have been triggered in this area of research of Computational Social and Behavioural Sciences and Economics. A Hengstberger-Prize was awarded to the team Dürsch/Holt/Kir­ches to organize an International Hengstberger Symposium. The list of twinning projects in the innovative domain of Computational Social and Behavioural Sciences is given below:

Modelling of higher cognition in schizophrenia (Holt/Kirches/Körkel)

PsychoGeoinformatics (Zipf/Meyer-Lindenberg)

Visual attention as a window to cognitive processing – A new method to analyze eye tracking data elicited from dynamic scenes (von Stutterheim/Garbe)