Scientific Computing in Industrial Applications

Photo by Rik O’Hare / CC BY

Coordinator of the Research Area:  Prof. Dr. Ekaterina A. Kostina

Traditionally a large amount of individual research cooperations with major enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as joint research projects characterize the domain Industrial Applications of Scientific Computing. Most notably, the Heidelberg Collaboratory of Image Processing (HCI) as an Industry On Campus project (currently comprising five research groups) stand out due to the amount of joint projects with industry partners. The Heidelberg Collaboratory for Industrial Optimization (HCO) is a recently established Industry On Campus project (currently comprising 12 research groups). Its goal is to promote the use of modern mathematical methods in industrial applications and to identify and approach future challenges in industrial optimization. An additional example of a running project in the domain is the “DACh” project ILATO with the swiss partner EMPA:

Heidelberg Collaboratory for Industrial Optimization (HCO) (Bock/Heuveline/Kanschat/Kirches/Kostina/Mombaur/Potschka/Rannacher/Schnörr)

ILATO – Improving Limited Angle computed Tomography by Optical data integration (Beyer/Mara/Krömker/Bock)


Upcoming events:
09.-10.02.2017: KoMSO Workshop “Challenges for Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Optimization for Advanced Process Control of Batch Processes”